What is Policy Simulator?

Policy Simulator Lab (PSL) is a joint initiative of the International Relations department of Lusiada University and the IPLI Foundation. PSL is an educational laboratory designed for university and graduate students which focuses on the development of immersive and experiential simulations that educate participants on various aspects of EU governance-focused policymaking.


An era of global instability is upon us. Fierce competition over limited resources, climate-induced conflicts, cyber threats and the emergence of a new global security order is putting the European Union’s policy making toolkit to the test. Amid seemingly non-stop international crises, the EU faces a constant test to adapt and coordinate its policy actions to address international challenges in a dynamic and adaptive manner.

In PSL simulations, participants engage in custom learning modules that are designed to refine their critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills in a variety of simulated international policy crisis scenarios.Via immersive simulations, participants “learn by doing” to enhance their understanding of the dynamics of various international crises as well as how to potentially develop effective policy responses.


By closely following international events, PSL works to develop new simulations and to update the offering in its existing catalogue to propose new simulation experiences for aspiring policy professionals as well as academic researchers. Please see below our current simulations catalogue, as well as upcoming projects.


One of the most engaging and dynamic experiences. The counterparts were well-prepared and at the end of the day I came out more knowledgeable, courageous, and confident. I would take part in this project all over again.”

Feedback from Participants