EU Institutional Governance Simulator

This simulator trains basic negotiation, debating, critical and analytical skills and techniques within the context of EU institutional governance. The aim is to make participants fit for negotiations, debates, and high-level discussions in their future professional environments. We adopt a dynamic, participant-focused approach, by combining workshops with practical exercises under the umbrella of a European Governance Simulation.

The first phase of the course serves as an overview of the European Union’s primary governance apparatus (i.e. the roles and powers of the main institutions, the limitations, and challenges of the EU) within the context of a current EU policy challenge (topic will vary, dependent on current geopolitical realities).

The second phase is a pedagogical exercise which provides an opportunity for students to experience the highest level of crisis management from the perspective of the main EU Institutions: the European Commission, the Council of Ministers, and the European Parliament. Participants will get to experience multiple roles at a European level, on a rotational basis.

At the beginning of the simulation, participants will be Commission officials operating under a given Directorate-General. Following that, participants will be a Minister from an EU member state, having to think of crises management plans from the standpoint of their respective EU member state. At the end, participants will take on the roles of MEPs, wherethey will engage in policy debates.

In this simulation, participants will:

  • Develop an enhanced understanding of a unique EU policy challenge (Topicvaries, dependent oncurrent geopolitical realities).
  • Successfully be able to produce policy recommendations for tackling complex, real-life challenges.
  • Gain a better understanding of the separation of powers and responsibilities of the main three EU Institutions (The Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament).
  • Gain confidence in their capabilities to operate in a complex multi-faceted professional simulated environments involving a wide variety of stakeholders.